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The Sea Portal

The Sea Portal

Oil spillages, environmental violations, illegal intrusion into marine protected areas and unauthorized fishing as well as drifting icebergs and ice traps are just some of daily problems encountered in maritime activities.

The Sea Portal is a set of geoservices for the prompt monitoring over navigational, technical and environmental safety of offshore facilities and water areas aiming to appropriately assess the maritime situation and to provide fast response. These geoservices are based on the integrated proprietary technologies of real-time satellite data processing and interpretation, simulation algorithms and AIS data from leading global suppliers.

Monitoring of navigation and ship situation

The services of navigational and vessel situation monitoring can control navigation in a particular area of interest, prevent any attempts to violate the borders of protected areas, receive reports on vessel movements and search for vessels in distress through the use of satellite imagery.

Monitoring of selected vessels      Tracking vessels on the interactive map
History of the selected vessel traffic
Notifying on the selected vessel traffic (email, SMS) 
Мониторинг судоходства 
в районе интереса    
Tracking all vessels in the selected area on the interactive map
History of vessels traffic in the selected area
Instant alerting of the vessel trespassing the facility (e-mail, SMS) 
Поиск судна по снимкам Locating a vessel based on the satellite data
Weather monitoring
Air temperature, wind speed and direction in the selected area according to public records

Environmental Monitoring of Water Areas

The services of marine environmental monitoring aim to promptly detect oil slicks and to define their natural or industrial sources.

Film Pollution Report        

Daily reports on film pollution in the selected area.

If pollution is detected, the following should be determined: 

  • list, location and size of spots;
  • model of the spot drift before the previous survey and for the next day;
most probable source.
Display of pollutions found, their drift models and potential sources on the interactive map
Man-Made Pollution Analytical Report 
Weekly, monthly or annual analytical report on detection of probable man-made pollution in the selected area based on daily, weekly or monthly reports

Monitoring of Ice Conditions in Water Areas (upon request)

The monitoring of ice conditions in water areas helps to control the safety of vessels and offshore facilities in ice-bound conditions and to track iceberg movements.

For convenience of real-time data analysis and interpretation, the results of the Sea Portal services are available through ScanEx Web GeoMixer®, a cloud-based web interface.

The list of Maritime Portal clients includes “Atomflot” State Corporation, Lukoil company, “Gazpromneft-Sakhalin” OOO, several marine preserves and other entities.

Please contact us at help@kosmosnimki.ru email address concerning the services or any other issues of marine monitoring.