Web GIS Development and Implementation

A Geographic Information System (GIS) is a multi-functional system for the collection, processing, modelling and analysis of spatial data, its display and use in problem solving, training and decision-making within a company/organisation, as well as for its integration into various websites and public portals. The aggregation of heterogeneous data implemented in layers and their precise coordinate dimensioning allow for the performance of complex analyses of spatial objects.

SCANEX proposes the introduction of the integration products and offers solutions for complex projects, ranging from the development of technical solutions and expert support (GIS architecture, functionality, interface, customisation as per individual users’ tasks) to its integration with the organisation’s information system, including additional services and follow-up technical support.

Our customers receive an efficient GIS created on a Russian platform, ScanEx WEB GeoMixer®, accessible from any computer, allowing them to solve problems of public and private business structures for territorial management and to implement individual custom designs.

SCANEX technology allows for the implementation of both local and cloud access to GIS: in the first case, the system is installed on the organisation/company server; in the second, the GIS is installed on the SCANEX server and data is managed over the Internet.

Our GIS ensures:

Geo-information solutions can be implemented in the form of corporate, departmental or industry-special GIS, Web GIS, geoportals, geo-services, interactive maps, and crowdsourcing projects.