Oil and gas complex

Oil and gas companies operate in the area of high risk and high responsibility. Their work is characterized by broad geography, a harsh climate, multi-level infrastructure for production, storage, transportation and processing of oil and gas, and the presence of the constant threat to environmental and industrial safety. To solve the problems of accounting, control, and coordination of resources and to ensure the proper functioning of all processes and a prompt response to incidents, it is necessary to continuously and comprehensively monitor territories within the scope of the company’s interests.

SCANEX offers a high-tech approach to implementing oil and gas projects at all stages of their life cycle: create a geoservice based on satellite imagery of high and ultra-high resolution in order to systematically store and analyse data in a single information space for all departments and contractors. 

Use of this geoservice in the implementation of oil and gas projects will allow you to accomplish the following:

At the design phase

At the construction phase

At the operation phase

In case of natural or man-made emergencies

If necessary, to solve specific tasks

As a result of implementing the geoservice, the customer can carry out additional design, planning, and assessment of field industrial infrastructure development, improve the efficiency of economic activity, reduce the risks of accidents, and provide high-quality production processes and efficient management of property and land.

Our customers: Rosneft, Gazprom, Gazprom Neft, Lukoil, Transneft, and Dalmorneftegeofizika.